Many thanks to Scott434 for this one!  He put together and posted a guide on how to setup the 4010 Duo with 4 of our power supplies, including discussion of the 240V wiring.  Lots of great information and ideas for setup.  You can find it in this post on RC Groups:

There is also a lot of good information and discussion all throughout the thread, which is HeliGriff's Blog on RC Groups.  Discussion of this particular topic starts around post #5517:

Scott434 setup a charge cart that integrates 4 of our power supplies in series.  Apparently he likes things a bit more mobile.  Quite a nice setup if I do say so.  I also like his solution for the power switch.

I also like how he reused one of the removed ground straps as a visual indicator for which terminal is earth grounded (see last picture above).  If you're curious about all the pieces used to build this cart or how he wired it all up, check out HeliGriff's thread on RC Groups.  Thanks Scott434!