2ZO-RC evolved from my electrical and computer engineering education and experience combined with my interest in the RC hobby.  As a child I thoroughly enjoyed the RC world from surface to air.  Unfortunately, once I hit high school and then off to college I forgot how much fun this hobby really was.

In my adult life I came to find the hobby again thanks to a very good friend of mine.  He had an old Blade 400 3D heli that really needed some attention.  In early 2013 he was trying to get it flying again.  Having an engineering background and a love for RC as a child I decided I could help him out.  He told me to take it...if I could get it flying it was mine to keep.  After some extensive research, numerous crashes and a little help from I have been flying it ever since.

As part of that process, I quickly realized that if I was going to get any good with this heli I needed some batteries and a good charger.  Of course, this also meant I needed a hefty power supply to parallel charge all of my new batteries.  With sticker shock at the cost of power supplies I began seeking a cheaper alternative.  That's when I discovered the wonders of server power supplies and the ability to re-purpose them.  After some extensive research I settled on a power supply and began my modifications.  I got them up and running and I was off flying!  I now have 2 helis and 3 trucks and I spend much of my spare time flying or driving.

Some time later I realized that other people are modifying these power supplies and selling them to those that were also looking for a cheaper alternative.  I felt I could improve the design to benefit everyone.  I know how to modify these power supplies to suit my needs but I also recognize that many others out there do not.  So I came up with a unique design that I felt would benefit the large community of RC hobbyists like myself.  I then hooked up with John Salt over at and explained the design concept to him.  It didn't take any convincing for him to recognize the benefits of my modular design.  I figured if he saw the value in it then perhaps I could help others and reduce my RC hobby expenses (mostly to make my wife happy) at the same time.

Thus, 2ZO-RC was born.

We officially opened sales on January 1st, 2014.  In our first month we shipped a total of 57 power supplies to the US and Canada.  During our second month we shipped a total of 73 power supplies to the US, Canada, Mexico, the UK and Belgium!  We couldn't be happier with this success!  Knowing that we are helping so many people around the world save money in this not so inexpensive hobby while providing them with a solid, robust, flexible and quiet power supply solution at the same time makes us extremely excited!  We're looking forward to supporting the RC community for a long time.



Many thanks to Mark for getting me back into the hobby!  Also a special thanks to Chris for helping me out with his mechanical engineering skills and for taking office breaks with me to play with our RC toys!

Thanks to John at for supporting my startup by believing in my product!

A special thanks to my mother for all of her generous help with the accounting aspect of starting this endeavor.

Most importantly, a very special thank you to my wife for being supportive and understanding through the process of starting this business!  I could have never done this without her support!