575W Modular RC Power Supply

12VDC, 47A

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The first of it's kind!  Designed with the electric RC hobbyist in mind, this power supply includes a unique feature that allows YOU to combine them based on your needs!  While others are modifying and selling these used power supplies, none have applied this unique approach to create a modular design.

These power supplies are also a very economical solution for many other applications in which high current is required for DC powered equipment such as Amateur/Ham Radio, Boats, RVs and many more!


What is so great about this modular design?


Just starting out in the hobby?  One power supply will have you charging batteries quietly and reliably.  Scaling up to a larger vehicle with higher power demands?  Want to charge your batteries faster?  Get a bigger charger and add a second, third or even fourth power supply to your arsenal!


Do you have a large charger for some batteries and multiple smaller chargers for others?  Power them all with the same set of power supplies by simply changing the configuration!  No longer do you have to buy numerous expensive power supplies for the various input voltage requirements of your multiple chargers.  Run them in series, parallel or a combination of both!


Take a look at other NIB product offerings out there.  You'll likely find they cost at least twice the price.  That's outrageous!  We felt the same way when we were looking for a power supply solution and that's how we ended up with our modular power supply.  And the cost savings don't stop there!

While we expect our power supplies to last you a very long time (we load test every single one!), failure is a reality with all electronics.  With commercially available power supplies and other pre-configured systems based on used server power supplies, if there is a failure you are out hundreds of dollars to completely replace your power supply system.

With the flexibility of our modular design, if one power supply fails you don't have to replace the entire system!  Simply order one replacement supply and you are up and running again at full capacity.  While you are waiting on your replacement power supply to arrive you can change the configuration of your remaining power supplies to still charge your batteries at a slower charge rate!

Did you say USED?  Why would I buy a used power supply?

Great question!  These aren't just any used power supplies.  These are high end Hewlett Packard power supplies used in HP Proliant DL380 G4 enterprise level servers.  When these servers were top of the line, brand new power supplies cost several hundred dollars each!  Why so expensive?  They are not RC hobby grade power supplies intended to be used for short periods on an infrequent basis.  These were designed to operate 24/7 inside of a server with both heat and dust being common factors.  You can expect these to reliably power your charger(s) or other DC powered equipment for a long time.

These power supplies also incorporate advanced safety features so that in the unlikely event of a power supply failure there would be no damage incurred to the thousands of dollars worth of server equipment they were designed for.  These safety features also ensure the power supply is not damaged if there is a problem with the load.  This means they are extremely safe for you to use and offer solid protection for your expensive equipment.

See it in action!

Many thanks to John Salt of rchelicopterfun.com for reviewing our power supplies.  He graciously tried out 4 of our power supplies in a series configuration to power his iCharger 4010 Duo for some serious lipo charging!  In the pictures below you can clearly see these power supplies easily handle the dual 40A charging of 6S batteries that the iCharger 4010 Duo is capable of.

Read his full review here

General Description

This AC/DC power supply is designed to use your standard household power outlet to power DC loads that require clean, stable and reliable power.  This power supply converts 100-240V AC power to 12V (nominal) DC power and can source up to 47A of continuous current.

These units are used server power supplies that have been modified from their original design.  The modification incorporates high quality binding posts with standard 3/4" spacing that accept 1/4" spade connectors as well as standard 4mm banana plugs.  The negative DC output of these units has been internally isolated from earth ground while keeping the housing tied to earth ground to ensure your safety.  Each unit includes a unique feature that grounds the negative DC terminal to earth ground externally by way of a removable ground strap.  It is the external ground strap that enables the flexibility these units provide.  These units are capable of being run in series with identical units for higher output voltage.  These units are also capable of being run in parallel with identical units for higher output current at the same voltage.  Proper configuration methods are explained in the User Guide.  You can also see how easy it is by watching our configuration videos.


We purchase and modify these power supplies making them more user friendly to the RC hobby enthusiast.  There are a number of modifications that are incorporated into the design.

First, we isolate the DC ground internally leaving the AC ground in place for your safety.  If you have done your research on how to modify these power supplies you know that a screw that retains the main circuit board to the housing must be removed to perform this isolation.  We feel that leaving that screw out compromises mechanical integrity and could risk damage to the circuit board.  Instead, we replace the screw with a nylon screw and two nylon washers (above and below the circuit board) to guarantee the board is secured and properly isolated.

Next, most people rewire the ribbon cable internally by cutting the connector off of the ribbon cable and soldering the appropriate leads to ground or through a voltage divider for adjustable fan speed and output voltage.  We feel that cutting the connector and soldering internally in a way that it was not designed is more prone to failure.  Instead, we have designed and installed a custom circuit board in each power supply.  This circuit board is secured on the back side of the binding posts and the ribbon cable plugs directly into the board.  We have also incorporated a voltage divider circuit for both fan speed and voltage output using standard surface mount resistors.  Note that if you open the unit to change either of these voltage dividers it will void your warranty!

The fan speed voltage divider is configured to operate the fan at the lowest required speed reducing fan noise generated by the unit.  The internal fan will automatically increase speed for higher cooling capacity as the DC load increases and internal temperature rises.  The output voltage divider is not populated allowing the unit to output its intended voltage level (we put it in for possible future use as well as those that want to tinker and don't care about voiding their warranty).

The aluminum bracket that secures the binding posts as well as aluminum ground strap are both manufactured using a CNC waterjet ensuring a precise fit on every unit.

Once assembly is complete every unit goes through a quality control inspection including load testing at or above the 47A maximum rated load before it is packaged and ready to ship.

As an added bonus, every power supply comes with a 3-prong US power cord, jumper wire to combine it with additional power supplies, high bond strength double sided foam tape to secure it with additional power supplies, a complete user guide and adhesive backed rubber feet so that it doesn't scratch whatever surface you place it on.

All of these design, manufacturing and quality control steps provide you with one of the most cost effective and high quality 12V DC power supplies available on the market!

Please note that we have not included a power switch in the design modifications.  Please see our FAQ for more details.


  • Modular design enables series and parallel configurations

  • DC output @ 12V, up to 47A

  • 1/4" binding posts accept standard 4mm bullet connectors

  • Active Power Factor Correction

  • Automatic fan speed for reduced noise

  • Over temperature protection

  • Over current protection

  • Short circuit protection

  • Over voltage protection

  • Under voltage protection

What's Included

  • One (1) Power Supply

  • One (1) Standard US Power Cable

  • One (1) Jumper Cable

  • Two (2) Pieces of Double Sided Tape

  • Four (4) Adhesive Backed Rubber Feet

  • One (1) User Manual


  • 575W Max Output
  • 12V DC Output, 47A Max
  • 100-240V AC Input, 50-60Hz
  • 12.5” x 2.25” x 3.25” (317 x 57 x 83 mm)
  • 4 lbs (1.8 kg)


User Guide

Connection Diagrams

Suggested Power Supply Configurations for Common Battery Chargers

Power Supply Efficiency Measurements

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Each unit is warranted for 30 days from date of purchase to be free from manufacturing and component defects.  Note that opening the unit or abusing it in any way will void your warranty.

We do ask that you cover the shipping costs to ship the item to us and we recommend a tracked shipping method with delivery confirmation as we are not responsible for lost shipments.  We will cover the shipping costs to send a repaired or replacement unit back to you.  Please email support@2zo-rc.com to issue a warranty claim.  


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